About Us

SecondClassCitizens.ca website mission is to bring people together to fight against the new citizenship Bill C-24 introduced by Chris Alexander, the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, passed and became the law on Friday June 20th, 2014.

The new law has shattered a primary principle of Canadian citizenship, that all Canadians have equal rights, by dividing Canadians into two classes: first-class and “Second Class Citizens”, who’s born elsewhere or who has a dual nationality automatically recognize as a second-class citizen, if they move to another country to study or work, they are at risk of losing their citizenship by the Bill C-24 law.

Our Vision

We hope and will work hard to get back the equal rights for all Canadians, and will not let the government to eliminate a Canadian citizen.

We Need Your Help!

This is a community website committed to bring people of Canada together to take action against this new citizenship law, and we strongly believe no change can be made alone, so we encourage every person rather a kid, teenager, adult or a senior citizen to contribute.

News & Info

We’re glad to see the new government delivering on its promise to repeal this undemocratic Canadian citizenship law Bill C-24.
Unfortunately the new amendments to the Bill C-24 doesn't fulfill our demands...
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