Let’s Celebrate Canada Day on July 2nd!

Canada Day Proposal


Second Class Citizens

Since we became the “Second Class Citizens” in Canada, it is now necessary to have our own day to celebrate “Canada Day”, rather than a July 1st, we propose a day of July 2nd, because the word “2nd” represents our identity as the “Second Class Citizens”, and we still recognized as the Canadians Citizens, this is what our Governments want to divide us into classes, so why not we should start thinking like them, and have our own traditional days to celebrate or “pay respect or not” our own way.

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  1. TomTom
    February 27, 2016    

    Good point, I hope we don’t have to go that far, but this second class citizenship issue has to be fixed asap, before our community really start thinking that way.

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We’re glad to see the new government delivering on its promise to repeal this undemocratic Canadian citizenship law Bill C-24.
Unfortunately the new amendments to the Bill C-24 doesn't fulfill our demands...
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