We Should Get Together To Protest on Canada Day

We are very pleased with the governments decision to make some changes in Bill C-24, but it’s not completely reversed yet, and the changes they are making does not fulfill our demands.

We want “Equal Rights for All Canadians”, and the excuse they are making to impalement these changes against terrorism are totally unacceptable, because we all know there is already the law exist against such a crime, so they should change their criminal laws, not citizenship laws to reduce crime or terrorism in Canada.

So if you think you going to get your rights by sitting at home, forget about it… the only and fastest effective way we can win this fight, if we get together in larger scale in every city on one specific day, that’s the only way second class citizens community will get attention of the media, law makers and politicians.

Why Canada Day?

This is a day when we get together to celebrate our pride as a part of the Canadian nation, unfortunately as the “Second Class Citizens of Canada” we don’t feel proud anymore, so come out of your homes and bring your family and friends with you for a peaceful protest against this so called “Strengthening Canadian Citizenship” Bill C-24, and don’t give up and continue with this protest on every other holiday as possible, until this government implements the new law, which truly defines equal rights for all Canadians.


Our new government making some changes in Bill C-24, which will take effect end of this year, so this is a time to make change.
Please join us to stay connected with your local community.

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We’re glad to see the new government delivering on its promise to repeal this undemocratic Canadian citizenship law Bill C-24.
Unfortunately the new amendments to the Bill C-24 doesn't fulfill our demands...
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