Why Bill C-24 is Wrong?

Yes… We Are Defending The Crimi...

Since we have started the secondclasscitizens.ca website, we’ve been asked this question so many times: Why you are defending the criminals and terrorists? It is never fun to be in the position of having to defend a criminal or terrorist, but in some cases we have to take stand to make a difference in our […]

Rally Against Bill C-24 in Surrey, BC

MP Rathika Speaking on Bill C-24

Your Life Under The Bill C-24!

Watch Why Bill C-24 Is Wrong

Here is why!

Problems with Canadian Citizenship Bi...

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We’re glad to see the new government delivering on its promise to repeal this undemocratic Canadian citizenship law Bill C-24.
Unfortunately the new amendments to the Bill C-24 doesn't fulfill our demands...
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