Yes… We Are Defending The Criminals And Terrorists!

Yes... We Are Defending The Criminals And Terrorists!

Since we have started the website, we’ve been asked this question so many times: Why you are defending the criminals and terrorists?

It is never fun to be in the position of having to defend a criminal or terrorist, but in some cases we have to take stand to make a difference in our community, in fact we are well aware of that our demands can be helpful to a criminal or terrorist, but that’s not our attentions are, we don’t want any person to get harassed or be treated differently because of their race or nationality, again yes we know our demands could help a criminal or terrorist, but you never know a person who found guilty by the court might be an innocent.

So here is our answer to your question, its obvious you think a criminal or terrorist deserves more punishment than he already got, then its a problem in our current justice system, you should fix the criminal laws then.

Or if you say letting a criminal or terrorist go to stay in Canada is a security problem or they are threat to the society, yes it is a security problem, then you shouldn’t let go the Canadian born criminals and terrorists too, because they are also a threat to the society, and again its a problem in our current criminal justice system, or actually we wouldn’t call this a “problem”, its just how our justice system works, when a criminal or terrorist serves his time, our justice system give him a chance to be a good citizen, and there is nothing wrong with that, so why you have the problem with a criminal or terrorist who were born out side of Canada?

We tell you why… “YOU ARE RACIST”.

Yes we are defending the criminals and terrorists, just like a criminal defense lawyer does for them, but our demands are not to help criminals and terrorists, we are fighting for “Equal Rights for All Canadians”, and if you think you will continue to forcibly send any of the citizen out of Canada, you better expect us!

A Good Article For People Don’t Understand In Plain English!

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